Show Output on two conditions

[:I] Newbie question: In a report I want to print a section depending on two possible conditions. It should be printed if either condition ‘a’ or condition ‘b’ is true. I know how to do this with only one condition: CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT(“Sales Header”.“Payment Terms Code” = ‘CONDITION’) But what if I have another condition which should make the section to be printed?

well then just use: currreport.showoutput((condition 1) or (condition 2)); Cristi

Try it with CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT((Condition a) OR (Condition b)); In this manor you can use many conditions. Use must use Brackets () around each Condition! This should do the work. Greetings, Frank

Thanks Cristi, I didn’t know it was that simple!

Hi, Write Code in Report for Customer List as CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT((Customer.City =’’) AND (Customer.“Salesperson Code” <> ‘’) ); Pass as many as condition requires with AND / OR but all shluld be seprated with () Bye