Show limited Financial dimensions on PurchTable form

Dear All,

I want to show only limited financial dimension on some forms. I did all the things as per the blog(…/disable-financial-dimensions-in-ax-2012.html &…/only-show-required-financial-demensions.html). It worked fine for CustTable, VendTable and SalesTable forms.
But for PurchTable form, it is not working.

When I called the method parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId() with both the object(dimensionDefaultingControllerLine & dimensionDefaultingControllerHeader), the purchTable form was not responding properly.


But when I called the method parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId() with object dimensionDefaultingControllerLine only, it was working fine for only LineView mode.


What to do to show only limited dimension on both the view(LineView & HeaderView) of PurchTable form?

Note: In SalesTable form, there are also two object(dimensionDefaultingControllerLine & dimensionDefaultingControllerTable). I called the method parmEditableDimensionAttributeSetId() using both the Object, it is working fine.

Please help ASAP.

Check this it could be help you…/3.html

Thank you XBB…