Show in Chart on Role Center - popup error

I’ve setup the RoleTailored Client to Accounting Manager and I’m getting the following message every time I go to HOME icon. How do I stop this from happening?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Select the “Show in Chart on Role Center” field in the Cash Flow Forecast window to display the chart on the Role Center.


You have to update information in Cash Flow Forecast window.

Could you tell me where and how I would update this information?

Please go to “ComapnyName/Departments/Financial Management/Cash Flow/Cash Flow Forecasts” and click new. Enter No. and Description, and select the field Show in Chart on Role Center.

I get this error:
Cash Flow Forecast No. Series must have a value in Cash Flow Setup: Primary Key=. It cannot be zero or empty.

When I go to the Cash Flow Setup > Numbering…I’m not sure what it should be, is there a standard code that is normally use, if so can you please let me know. Thanks!

You can enter any number Manually into No. field.

Great, that worked. Thanks!

I did as you suggested and it didn’t correct the problem. What is the purpose of the Cash Flow Forecast anyway?

Cash Flow Forecast is used to forecast your company finance status. I mean in and out of cash flow such as Account Receivables, Account Parables, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Service and more. Hence you can view the same in chart by adding to a role center.