Show/Hide Option to the end user to rearrange the fields in forms (Dynamics AX 2009) ?


How can I provide Show/Hide Option (using Right click) to the end user so that they can re-arrange the fieldsin all the forms (Grid) …

admin user is having this option by default.


I am also looking for the answer of AX 2009 .

For AX2009, make sure the user group has access to Administration > Miscellanous > Form Personalization and Development > Add Fields

Hi Michelle O.,

Thank you so much for providing the solution. It really works…

I would like to know more…how can I avoid to give “Setup” option to the user.


Not sure if you can give them access to Hide/Show fields and not give access to “Setup” Though you could remove the access to the “Add fields”, then they can only rearrange fields in the Form setup or Save/Load/Retrieve Form setups from Setup. They will not be able to add or remove fields from there but will be able to Hide/Show from the form itself.