Show/hide columns in ListPart form Page card parent


I created a page card which contains à List Part, I have :

Declared a variable which I called > choice : Option

Page card contains only the choice field, I’d like, when the user change “choice option” I hide/show some columns in the liste part below.

For example: I have two options : show only name, show only address, so when the user choose show only name I show only the names in the list

I did :

in List part I declared a variable “show : Boolean” with IncludeInDataSet : TRUE, and I put it in visible propriety of column.

I created a function in listPart which change the value of show when I call it from page card (OnValidate Choice option) I added currPage.UPDATE after any process (in page card and listPart) . but not thing was changed !!?

Could you help me please ?

It works only in OnOpen Page trigger…we cannot change it at run time…