Show Doc# in Sales Packing Slip Report


i added new field in SalesParmTable, to enter the Doc# in update sales order packing slip.

now i try to showing this Doc# which i already entered in Sales order packing slip report (SalesPackingSlip)

May anyone help me…

i use AX 2009 environment.

if you want to show doc# field from salesparmTable realted your packingslip then you need to add this table in the report datasource or in the query of the datasource which is being used in the report,

there is relation of parmid with salesParmTabel which you can use to join 2 tables

No, don’t display it from SalesParmTable. This table is used only for posting and the data can be deleted after that, therefore you likely wouldn’t get anything.

Create a new field in SalesPackingSlip and copy the value there during posting. Showing it in reports will be trivial then.