Show Child table (but not subform)

hai there do yo have any idea if I want to show Child table

but not using sub form… but several textboxes

like Sales Order form, it has many items in the sub form

Sales Order No : 001 , has Item No : A1, A2,A3 → for example

i just want to in my Item Card

it will will be showed table 5404 (Item Unit Of Measure)

how did i link it so it could showed in Item Card and I could modify it through item card form

thanx for the answer

Hey Stan,

Not sure what you are saying here. If you wanted to show all the related “Item Unit of Measure” records on the Item card in a list type view then a subform is the way to go.

But you are using the word “Table” and that worries me, I am hoping you are not trying to get the actual table to run?


Hi Stan,

You could make a variable for each textbox and put a code / function to display the item unit of measures on every textbox.

You could put the code on OnAfterGetRecord section.