Show Applied Vendor Entries for Vendor Ledger Entries in Report

Hi All,

I have a customized report on G/L Entry table which would give the details of all Vendor Ledger Entry and Purchase Invoice details. Now on this report i want to show the Applied Vendor Entries ‘document nos’ for these Vendor ledger entries. How i get these details, while filtering i can use VLE Entry no and Closed by entry no. but some thing is missing here.

Other option is to take VLE as dataitem unter G/L Entry table and put dataitem link as VLE.Closed by entry no. = G/L Entry.entry no. i am not that clear on this.

Please help me in solving this.

thank U

Why not use VLE and detailed vendor ledger entry table in report ?

Why G/L entry table ?

Hi Amol,

This is a customized report developed by some one and now i need to add extra Fields in this existing customized report.

thank U

take two tables
as ven ledger1 and ven ledger2
link :- entry no. : closed entry no.


This is not an easy task you have to go through the same procedure as Nav used in base when we see the applied entries in VLE form or page. If you go through the coding you will find that there are temporary tables as well as If conditions are used based on application. just copy the code and provide your record set according to data.