Show and hide fields on a list page (On After get current Rec)?!!!


I want to hide a field (In a list page) after I get the current Rec.

I did the following:

1.Define a globe variable “IsVisible” and set its “IncludeInDataSet” property be “yes”.

  1. Set the property visible of the control in the page be “IsVisible”

  2. create a function SetVisible (var visible : Boolean) to set the value of the variable “IsVisible”

etc, etc,…

My only problem is that this hide function works only (On open page & Init)!! But if you try to use it on other placsses like (On after get rec) IT WONOT WORK :frowning:

Any Idea???

Ps: When I say hide a field I mean a text field not a column from the list page.

I took a look at Microsoft support pages and I found this:

This means there is no other way to control the visibility for each record after we retrieve it :frowning: ?

Hi Zayed,

If you want to Change Visibility of Certain Field In List Page After Records Loaded…Then Define a Function …i mean

If you declare a global as IsVisible

Then define a function as Setvisibility inthat ActionTrigger() write as follows

if IsVisible then

IsVisible := False


Isvisible := True;

SO you can change When ever you need… IF you want some Other Let Me Know[;)]

HI Raja,

in my page I want to add my code in “on after get rec”. If I created a new function the function has no on Action trigger(). Can you please give me more details?

hi Zayed

Can you refer Following Link Only For your Post Here…

If really want a different Solution Let Me Know …[;)]

HI Thanks alot for your replay.

But there is a misunderstanding, I donot want to hide a column in my list page. I want to hide a text box which I added above my List table.

IF I follow your soultion it wonot work with such text fields. Thats why I hope if you can try to help me with this issue. I really tried many thins but it wonot work.

Hi zayed ,

What exactly you need from above pic and What you want to hide…

hi zayed ,

From above Pic What exactly you need… can you elaborate it by specific field

HI Raja,

As you can see in the above photo, this is a list page. within the design of this list page I have 2 groups.

The first group contains 8 variables that I created.

The second Group contains my list table.

---- > Usually when I run the page, If i highlighted/Selected a line in my list table the upper 8 variables above the list will be filled with the selected/highlighted record which iam currently aming at.

******* What I want to do *******

For example when I aim or select a line, depending on the field value the upper fields will be show or hidden . is this possible?

Please take a look at my second post and see the help page from Microsoft! I am sure that this is not possible :(. Coz they say the visible ability can be controlled only from the following triggers:

  • On Init ()

  • On open page ()

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: and I hope you can tell me what you think

Hi Zayed,

Yes you are right. it is not control by other triggers in the case of visibility except OnInit and OnOpen. In the editable case other triggers like Onaftergetrecord can support.

Hi Zayed,

Can you Use Matrix Pages For your Requirement I Think this is what you wanted…