show all records from two tables in single gridview ax 2009

I have two table TableA and TableB with relation. I want to bind some fields from two table into single grid.
Ex : First 2 are different table record. 3rd one is Grid in another Form. Table A has 10 records but in 3rd form only shows 4 record. How to display all records in 3rd Form’s Grid…?

Please tell us how you implemented the third form. We can’t tell you what you did wrong unless you tell us what you actually did.

I have added two datasource(TableA & TableB) to that form and drag and drop required field form two table to that Grid. thats it…

That’s not enough.

Decide which data source is the main one. Set it to the DataSource property of the grid.

Then set properties of the other data source:

  • JoinSource = name of the main datasource
  • LineType = InnerJoin

Please read the documentation for developers on MSDN, namely Forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Your work will be much smoother as soon as you learn basics.