show affect of reverse release production order on table proplem

Hi guys I make release production order then reverse it but my proplem when i make report to released production order

it not show tom me this reverse .so that quantity in last of report show to me wrong i prepare this report to accept reverse affect. the report i made based on production order table status release

Check the report is there any filter on report???

I filter them based on status and date on production order table my question here how to add affect of reverse on the report of production

because i reverse and after i reverse i see same quantity as before found not changes


How you have reverse the production order ??

I mean have you reveres it iusing item journal //

in my case production order is finished so that i use item journal to make negative and positive adjustment to output and consumption

You should prepare report from Item ledger entry so you will get correct report.

OK meaning i will make report structure as following

production order

item ledger entry

then create field flow filed to make sum to quantity are this ok

Why Flow field is required ??

or what you mean because quantity field in production order table not affect direct so that i make flow field make sum to all quantity in item ledger entry table or you have another suggestion

OK thanks

IF you are preparing report then write a small code to sum the quantity

Creating flow field will hamper performance .