Should I wait for 3.0?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to wait for version 3.0 before making major customizations. I hear that 3.0 will be a major rewrite/cleanup of Advanced Distribution. I am currently testing with 2.60.C with SQL Server 2000. We have every AD granule and 3 of the Lanham modules. I’m afraid that 3.0 may change so much that it would be difficult to apply all the changes we might make in 2.60.C. Navision has not released much information on 3.0 so its hard to make a decision. We are going to be using RF handheld devices in our warehouse and have already developed a prototype application that uses Microsoft ASP to allow an RF handheld device to view and update warehouse documents. I am testing a new Pocket PC RF device from Intermec called the 700 (Stingray). I was told by a person at Navision to wait for 3.0 for the user portals. User portals might help with our handheld applications. Again, Navision provides very little information, and my NSC cannot provide any details. So the question is: Wait for 3.0 or customize 2.60.C and hope for the best? David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

Hi, You should better wait for 3.0 from my point of view. It is going to be very difficult to migrate from AD to 3.0. You will loose time if you decide to do any modification now. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Yes, upgrading to 3.00 will not be easy. Especially not if you have modifications. Yes, version 3.00 will have a lot of the features you now need an add-on to get. The main question is: CAN YOU AFFORD TO WAIT? If you can do everything you really need now with 2.60 and AD + add-ons, then I would think twice before deciding to wait. Navision has said (not yet an official announcement) that they will released Navision Solutions 3.0 in the 3rd. quarter of 2001. But this date could be later. We basically never really know, until we have the product. Currently BETA 3 has been released to the NSC’s and if Navision works like Microsoft, then we will maybe see a release candidate also before the final release. But when Navision has released their product then it’s time for the Add On developers to do their part. And although most of the AD functionality will be there in the general product, then I’m sure you will need the three Lanham add-ons you talk about as well. So let’s just add two more months. Next you have to decide if you want a first release with all the potential bugs you always find in a first release. So maybe you want to wait for version 3.01. Also you maybe not want to be the first installation done by your NSC. Then we are one year away. At least. So are you willing to wait so long? Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group

Thanks very much for the information so far. Does anyone have information on new features to be included in 3.0? We will be using RF devices to do all warehouse functions (receiving, picking, putaway, cycle counting, inquiry and packing). I want to use a web-based approach and the current AD only supports Teklogix equipment which is very expensive and proprietary. I wonder if user portals will help me with my needs. Does anyone know if user portals allow updating of information or just inquiry only? Does anyone have user portals working currently? David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

The version of 3.0 we were shown at the Australasian Partner Conference was indeed a major rewrite but not all functionality in 2.6 had yet been rewritten. One notable exception being the directed picking (Warehouse Management) which is a major requirement for using the RF functionality. Navision werent very forthcoming as to whether this area would be ready in time and even if it is from our experience with that area in 2.01b it will make for some hairy times if you try going ahead with it immeadiately. However having said that if you decide not to wait my experience with the 2.6D Warehouse Management directed picking is that there are many inconsistencies in this area. In a nutshell you have an unenviable choice of going with an area of Navision where you know there are problems but hopefully somewhere in Navision World these have been found or wait for a newer maybe better written version where you may be to an extent breaking that ground yourself. I suppose it comes back to Erik’s point can you afford to wait as the wait may be a long time. Simon Godfrey

If you can wait then wait. A lot of the “bugs” in the area’s of code taken from NAD 2.6x will have been resolved in version 3, so there will not be many “bad functional area’s”! If a lot of the NAD code has been written into the standard version I wonder how this will affect the price of the NAD modules? David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 2001 Apr 23 08:02:58

I have no idea what Navision Advanced Distribution is but I think I can answer your questions concerning the User Portal.


I wonder if user portals will help me with my needs.

If you have an application which is able to create a XML file, then NF 3.0 can fulfill your needs. However, User Portal is not what you need. (see next Q/A)


Does anyone know if user portals allow updating of information or just inquiry only?

It allows both. But you are on the wrong track if you stick with User Portal. You are mixing up different features: 1) NF 3.0 will have the capability to process XML-Files sent vie the w2k Message Queue. Fullstop. 2) User-Portal is a Navision enhancement of Microsoft Dashboard. Basically UP is an script based application which reads/processes XML files sent from Navision and sends XML files to Navision. – User Portal is only one application which demonstrates the new capability (Point 1) of Navision to be triggered from outside by a web-based application and is able to process an xml file. What you need is this new capability. I doubt that you need User Portal.


Does anyone have user portals working currently?

Yes, I have a UP-Application running. It was part of the UP/XML/XSL training I had one month ago. However, it’s only a training example which runs on my private w2k server for test purposes. UP is implemented in NF 2.60D but not useable at the moment for a “real” customer application (security reasons). But it’s nevertheless a nice playground for developers like me who want to stay up-to date with their knowledge. If you (or someone else) have questions about User Portal in general, I suggest to post your question to the Developer Forum rather than to the Advanced Distribution Forum. It is the more appropriate place and you stand higher chances that I will read your question as normally I skip the AD forum due to my lack of knowledge of this product. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian