Hello, In Navision buttons have shortcuts. On a Menu-button you can choose the shortcut in the field Shortcutkey. A command button always has a shortcut ALT + … For example the command button “Apply Entries” in the Cash Book, is has the shortcut ALT + A . In the General Journal the function “Apply Entries” is placed under the Menu-button Functions with the shortcut SHIFT + F9. Does anybody know if it is possible to put the shortcut SHIFT + F9 under a command button? For example the command button in the Cash Book? Thanks.

As far as I know it is not possible. But I could definitely use it myself!

You can only assign shortcuts to menu items on menu butttons. You could create a menu button with a menu item that has the same OnPush code as your command button. You can then assign your shortcut to this menu item. If you wish the menu button can be hidden behind the command button so that the user isn’t confused by the extra button.