Shortcut in form designer

After 12 years using the Windows based version of Navision I’m pretty familar with it.

But one thing bugs me more and more. I often have forms with overlapping controls which are made visible or not visible based on other data. And whenever I need to edit the properties of one of the underlaying controls I am always moving the other controls.

So my question to you is: Do you know of any shortcut key to “browse” or “tab” to the other controls, so that I don’t have to move them?


if you mark the control at the top by clicking on it in the form designer you can go to “Format - Send to Back”. Is this the thing you are looking for?
If you then click on a different control and click back on the “stack of controls” you will have another control on top.

Hi Joerg,

“Send to the back” sounds great - where do I find it?

Hi Erik

In design mode you can also press tab to jump to the next control. Now these tend to be in the order you place them on the form you will find the field with focus jumps around the form. Of course shift tab goes through the controls in the other direction.


Hi Erik

Send to back and bring to front are both on the format menu in design mode.


Hey I found it! Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for!

Another way that I’ve seen this done is to not stack the fields on top of each other at design time. When the form is opened the fields are moved to their correct locations and hidden as required.

Why move - create a new instance on the fly where needed [:P]

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