Shortage/Excess on Purchase

hi friends Can any one tell me the solution for the below mentioned scenario: one of my client imports material from outside india and the material is released after paying the custom duty on gods imported. When the goods are actually counted(orings, oil seals etc) it is short in numbers. Now the client wants to up its inventory with only the received qty and balance should be adjusted in shortage/Excess G/L account. If i amend my purchase order and take in only the received qty my custom duty is also proportionatly reduced. Can any one tell me how to handle shortage qty in Purchase order. At the same time i also want to debit Shortage a/c (G/L) with the cost of short qty. Custom duty should also be fully booked. Thanks for reading Sidhu

Hi, You can do the customization in PO and provide the function, to make Quantity equal to actual Quantity received in the original line. At the same time you also create one line with Access/Shortage Quantity with 0(zero) cost and another line for G/L with equivalent Access/Shortage value. Similar kind of customization we have done for one client but not the exactly same.