Short Payments.

I find, there is no provision to write off the Customer’s short payments, such as short payments towards penalty. Can anyone suggests, how can such short payments are accounted and invoices closed?

Hi Depending upon the version of software and you requirements you have settlement discount availability within Navision, and the ability to alter the settlement, or, as sounds more applicable to your requirements you can use the payment tolerance settings, with a % and maximum tolerance. The posting set-ups handle the tolerance posting accounts.

Dear Steven, I am working with version 3.10. Can you suggest where exaclty this payment tolerance is set? Thanks. Ammanna Kashinath

Hi Kashinath I am afraid for you that this functionality is new to version 3.60. It is in the general ledger set-up on the applicaiton tab, and the posting groups will have the tolerance accounts for population. I have had a cursory look at 3.10 to verify it is new to 3.60 and see nothing in there, but I have not really worked on 3.10 (just 2.60 and 3.60), but it looks completely new in 3.60 - sorry [:(]

Hi Steven, Thanks for the information. Ammanna Kashinath.