Shop Floor Data Capture and weekend overtime

The site has employees that come in on most but not all Saturdays and sometimes Sundays.

If I set these up in the standard profile and they do not clock in I have to account for the absence.

The user really does not wish to have to add employees, doing overtime, in advance in advance via the profile calendar

Additionally the user might clock in at say 8:49 for a 9pm start but then only do 2 hours instead of the normal 3 hour Saturday morning

Can someone advise as to the best method to handle this situation.

If you add a profile group containing the standard profile and then the one covering the weekends I believe the profile group will be referenced on the login and find the additional profile. Not sure as it is not really my area, so you would have to try it.

See screenshot… use any of your current profiles and open saturday. Add standard time and start/end time. Ths will allow any employee in this profile to clock in/out without a penalty. Do the same for sunday and any other profiles.