Shop floor Bin Code - Version 3.70

Hi, Does anyone has idea on the shop floor bin code workflow? Scenario: After converted the production order to status released, then i creating the warehouse pick document. So that the raw material will transfer to Inbound Production Bin Code. After that, i do not have any idea how to transfer the raw material from Inbound Production Bin Code to Open Shop Floor Bin Code. Then, after post the consumption journal the raw material will gone, which it does not go to Open Shop Floor Bin Code. Lastly, i’m post the output journal for Finished Goods, then the system will increase the inventory at Outbound Production Bin Code. Thanks Jee Jin

Hi Jee I am afraid I have not had the (mis)fortune of implementing manufacturing in conjunction with WMS - let alone in 3.70 - so I have no practical experience, and to be honest WMS is not a strong point. I would think the movement worksheet is used for the transfer of goods from the Inbound Production Bin Code to the Open Shop Floor Bin Code. I am unsure of the trigger to make the movement? Periodically based upon the temporary nature of the bin? Anyway, the consumption, I think, needs to be generated from the production order (I could easily be wrong here) whereby you create the pick and upon posting the picked consumption is processed against the Production order ledger entries. It always was a requirement that the items flushing method was set to manual (not sure if this was parent or components or both). Then upon completion of the output journal in production the parent should be placed in the Outbound Production Bin Code for processing via a movement to its correct location. I am unsure if this will help any - but I hope it does.

Hi Steven, Thanks for ur reply. although i known that WMS is not a strong point. Is it the only way move the inventory from the inbound production bin code to open shoop floor bin code, through movement worksheet? As per experience, i can’t transfer the inventory from inbound to shop floor, because the consumption journal is going to decrease inventory level at inbound production bin code. Hence, i think not the proper way to move the inventory from inbound to shop floor through movement worksheet. Thanks

Hi Jee I meant WMS was not my strong point - rather than Navisions!! I am afraid I am at a loss to explain the prncipals of the interactions of WMS with manufacturing. It would seem to use the default in and out bins specified in the set-up: Inbound Production Bin Code and Outbound Production Bin Code, for every WMS interaction with manufacturing. However what on earth is the Open Shop Floor Bin Code used for (the help is not exactly useful!). I have the latest manufacturing manual in hard copy and these fields are not mentioned (although a new section was added to show how consumption cold be created from the production order through the warehouse. Likewise the WMS manual neatly ignores the fields. I suppose the next step would be to either ask Navision or have a developer look at what an earth they do - although I am not sure how easy this is!

WMS and manufacturing are not good together. For example, you can have a Manufacturing Order that consumes 10 items. Then you pick 7 into the Production Bin. But that does not consume them. Neither is there a function to suggest consumption. If you now run Consumption, it suggests AND allows you to post all 10 items. You need either a mod to only allow pulling 7 items into the Consumption Work Sheet, or a mod to prevent posting more consumption than has been picked. Its really messy. I would give serious concideration to running Manufacturing from a Location with WMS off, and move Raw material through transfers.

If my customer intend to implement shop floor control, what should Navision do and how to do?

Hi Jee That is a very big question to answer, and difficult without knowing anything about the customer. The answer could be CAREFULLY! [:D]

Can i know who has experienced it before?