Shipping No Series in Service Order


Im working with Service Orders on NAV 11.02. When I try to post Im getting the following error.

“Shipping No. Series must have a value in Service Header”

Does anyone know where this No series lives, because I cant find it ANYWHERE.


Kindly define no series in Service Mgmt Setup numbering tab

Field :Poster service shipment nos

So you dont know where setup’s exist also?

What do you do actually?

Clearly I checked the service No. series set up, it is defined with a series I made.

Dont worry about what I do. Instead of asking pointless questions ask questions that help get things fixed. Did you ever think that maybe there is another issue, maybe there is a bug in some custom code that causing the number not to populate on the header.

I was asking if there was another setup I may have missed, like in the E ship set up.

Then you should have asked your senior for help in getting proper training where all the setup’s exists and what customizations you have done at client place rather than demanding here…

You are not paying for all forum members to demand.

Right, because forums are here not to help. I did not demand help, I simply asked if anyone knows where any other set up is. Maybe we have a different definition of demanding.

You decided to come in with a A hole response, I called you out on it, now your upset, go figure.

Maybe someone has run into this before and this thread could have been useful. Now its turned into a crap show because you had to make a stupid comment.

because stupid comments should be made at stupid people…

Well I hope your post made you fell like more of man. Seems like you need to get off on the forum, because you lack confidence in real life.

Take care Mohana, I’m done feeding you lame ego.

lock thread

I think you didnt find some one here to do your work [;)]

Better luck next time…

If you have already defined the No. series check if it has been updated in the service header.