Shipping Document in XML-format


I’m currently involved in a project were we should send a shipping/transport document to our shipping agent. This file should be in XML-format with different add-on. Basically we will have SENDER, RECIEVER and SHIPMENT, see example below.

We are using Navision 3.70 and I’m using XML-DOM to handle the XML-file. We are not using all the possible variations that the shipping agent offers. My question is quite simple. Has anyone done something like this and what was the approach. One idea that I have is to use a BLOB to store a XML-template. Then I can connect each customer to a XML-template. Upon posting I simply calc the BLOB and fill each field. Is this a good solution or should I try a different solution?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> 1 001 Testreferens Valfri text Valfritt meddelande 15 1 Prylar

I did something a bit similar, but my approach was different, i created the XMLPort based on the warehouse documents, and on posting the pick (ship) i run the XMLPort with some filter to create the XML document.