Shipping cost on stock


I have purchased some items, which are posted to stock. A couple of weekes later, I recieve a shipping bill. What is the correct way to post this in order to increase the stock value?

Thanks in advance.


do you mean you receive the stock before the delivery / shipping document, and you posted it?
when you receive the “shipping bill”, does it serve as invoice?

if Yes (that “shipping bill” serves as invoice), then on receiving stock you post Receipt (only), and on receiving “shipping bills” you post Invoice (only). you stock qty increases when posting receipt, and your inventory valuation increases when you post invoice.

if No, there are alternatives to handle this, but you need to describe further.

Thanks for your reply, Joe.

I recieve and invoice at the same time. This situation accours when we dont expect any further cost, and the delivery and invoice is posted.

Is there any solution for this?

Hi Petan,

For further costs that you want to apply to the original receipt then the standard way is to use type “Charge (Item)” and apply to the receipt.

Thanks, DaveT. Could you please explaine where this is done?

In Purch.Order / Invoice - select Type=Charge(Item).

see also:


or search for Charge Item - there have been many posts about it earlier, I recall I myself have written about it several times.

Thanks, Modris.