Shipping Agents Granule

We have contract with 2 Shipping Companies that gave us special rate. The rate was setup by State and Zip Code. They gave us the rate list based on the warehouse’s zip code to each destination’s zip code. Each State is having one rate list.

What we trying to do is entering the rate information and asking the system to populate the rate information automatically when this Shipping Agent Code is choose. Also, adding the rate amount automatically into total order.

I am wondering whether Navision is having the capability to solve this problem.

Please help.

ZEN [:D]

I believe my E-ship from lanham add-on can handle this.

You can set-up generic shipping accounts (other than standard UPS, fedex, etc) and it has builtin dataports to import their rates.

Hi Savage,

I read the .PDF sheet; actually it’s too complicated for our situation. Pricing wise; could you tell me the price range?



eShip i a very complex but a good add-on to Navision, especially if you have high shipping volumns. It will handle almost all US shipping agents but you pay for each one (UPD,FexEx, LTL, etc.). There are several granules that you can select based upon your needs.

What are the specific requirements of your shipping cost calculation? Is it based upon mileage or weight or cubage? combination of all? When do you want it to calculate, after the order is entered or when the shipment is made? must it calculate for mutliple shipments per order?

Before you can think about the actual changes that need to be made, you will need to identify all the requirements, because it can be simple or very complex. Then you can see if eShip is cost justified or just make modifications to Navision.

For example we only got
-EShip - Pack Line Scanning
-EShip - Scale Interface
-EShip - UPS Shipping
-EShip - Freight Invoice Reconciliation
-EShip - Bill of Lading /ASN
-EShip - Label Formatter
-EShip - E-Mail Formatting

You may not need some of these and/or you might need different ones. You’ll have to contact your NSC to get the full list of granules and there prices.

I think the UPS Shipping was only 2,3700 & Scale Interface was only 800. that was a few years ago.

So the prices change depending on the Granule you need.

Here are the granules currently available for e-Ship:

E-Ship + Packing
Scales Interface
UPS Manifest
FedEx / FedEx Ground
Rate Shopping
Input Conversion
Freight Invoice Reconciliation
Bill of Lading / ASN
Label Formatter
LTL Interface
Generic Carrier
Airborne Manifest

That’s true John. Do you know how much is the eShip? I see it as worth it to invest (at least for the long run).

If it not affordable; then, in house modification is the only solution. Besides, there requirements are simple; populating the rate charges and adding it into total sales order (every times User hits that Shipping Agents).

The shipping cost is calculated base on mileage and weights. We want the system calculate when the orders are entered. We don’t apply multiple shipments per order. Ours is 1 order 1 shipment.

What do you think?


You guys reply faster than me…[:$]

Please inform which granule(s) is suitable for my situation?


At minumum you would need E-Ship+Packing and Generic Carrier.

So the user would select the shiping agent code, and if one of these two carriers then the following would happen:

The quantity to ship on each line would be multiplied by the weight in the unit of measure table for that item and summed together and then that total weight would be multiplied by the rate that is listed for that carrier based upon the ship to zip code. A sales line would be inserted using the shipping g/l account and the amount computed.

Is it that simple?

Yes, it is.

Thank you very much for the helps. You guys are awesome!