Shipment posted but Invoice not hitting Customer Ledger


I am facing one of strange issue in Navision that when we post sales order that time only sales shipment posted and amount hit to G/L Account but customer ledger not updated .It is happening for random orders but not for all orders.

We are using Nav 2009 R2 RTC and 200 users posting sales order at a time.

As well as kindly let me know how to correct these invoices.



What’s the difference in both invoice ?

Have they all been invoiced? They won’t hit the Customer Ledger until they are.

Are posting date and shipment date the same date?

We had an issue in the past that invoices haven’t been posted when posting date were before shipment date as far as I remember.

We are doing ship & Invoice…

It is different…

So you are posting the order not just the shipment correct?

How are you determining that the Customer ledger entries are not being created?

Are you going into the customer card and drilling into the balance?

Are you navigating from the invoice and see no CLE’s?

Perhaps the Bill-to cust no is set to a different # than the sell-to customer no and it’s appearing under a different account#?

Sell to customer and bill to customer no are same and I m navigating from Posted Invoice and checking CLE

Please navigate the entries in Posted Invoice. It will show in detail regarding the accounts in which entries were hit including the customer Code.

Navigation of Posted Invoice shows the followings information :—

  1. G/L entries

  2. Cust. Ledger Entry

  3. Detail Cust. Ledger entry

  4. Tax information (if any)

  5. Value entry.