Shipment of non available items.....

Dear Experts, I’ve posted a sales order to a customer for 50 nos qty. But that Warehouse which had to Ship had only 40 nos, yet It allowed to post the shipping as well as the invoice for the 50 nos is raised. Now where do I go and look for to ship the rest 10 nos(once I purchse it)… Coz if i raised a new sales order for this 10 items then agan i’ll have to raise the invoice for the same but the Invoice (total 50 nos) for the above is already posted… plus… Is there a possibility that I can have an alert on the next order that this order is pending??? Please help… Shilpa

Hi Shilpa, for the system, you allready have sent the 10 items. If you make a new sales order, with the 10 items, that you have not yet in your warehouse, you will afterwards have incorrect stock. There should be different possibilities for alerts: Look at the “Sales & Receivables” setup, whre you have the flags “Stockout warning” and “Block shipment when neg. inventory”. These should do, what you want. regards Daniel

Hi You also need better controls in your warehouse, if they ship 40, get them to tell the system to ship 40 and not 50, and therefore you will have 10 outstanding on the order. You have now invoiced a customer for 10 you have not yet shipped, they might not be happy about this. If you use bins or serial/lot numbers Navision will not let you do this as you cannot go negative in these environments.

We had a mod done so you were not able to ship more than what was onhand. It will not allow the onhand to go negative. It saved a lot of mistakes for us. It should be a very simple mod to make. Kev

In fact Navision does not care (except you use costing method “specific” and/or use item tracking) what your stock is. All sales can generate “negative” stock. Which is not really a problem as the next purchase will apply to the negative stock and will cause the costing being correct again. Anyway, you need to make sure that you only post what you do. So if you ship 40 physically, you need to change the “Quantity to Ship” in the sales order to 40. Otherwise you are lying. The customer get’s 40 and a shipment note and invoice of 50. They will reject (or correct) the shipment note. In your case now I would generate a credit note for the 10 and create a new Sales order for the same 10 so you will be able to ship again once the items are on stock.

Get your NSC to do the follwoing: Add a field to the Location Table Block Negative Inventory::Boolean IN CU22 look for ILE.Modify and ILE.Insert, and add code IF “remaining Quantity” < 0 then Error(…

Hi David,

I am having the same problem of posting negative stock!!.

I have looked in CU22 for ILE.Modify in NAV 2009 (classic) and I cannot find it.