Shipment Method code use

Hi Masters,

What is the use of the Shipment Method code in sales order / Purchase order ?

the help is not much use ful .

So experts share your experience about this.


Your company might have various ways of shipping goods like by Train, road, air or may be with some additional conditions etc. , so that is entered in this field.

The description of this code, is used in some reports, for example in Order Confirmation report as Ship Via.

Thanks Raj,

May you misunderstood the Meaning of Shipment method.

The example what u have given is applicable for Transportmethod, not for Shipment Method.

Just go through the field .


“Shipment method” is used as descriptive field - normally you use internationally accepted abbreviations describing shipment conditions. Look in CRONUS demo base, here are some samples:

CIF = Cost Insurance and Freight
FOB = Free on Board
FAS = Free Alongside Ship
EXW = Ex Warehouse

and so on…