shipment driver report proplem

i want to make report in dynamic nav as titled (driver shipment report)


shipment date-delivery no-order no-customer name -description-area-quantity-driver name-pump

then i make relation between three tables(shipping agent (first) indentation (sales shipping header table)two indentation(sales shipment line)(third table) then i put all in body of sales shipment line table but no result can any one tell me what is the problem

please help me

Can you post the DataItemLink you used for each indented table?

shipping agent

sales shipment header(sales shipment header.shippingagent code=salesagent.code)

sales shipment line(sales shipment line.document no=sales shipment

then i put them in sales shipment line section

I just duplicated what you did and it worked fine (except I did shippingagent.code not salesagent.code but I assume that was a typo). If the Shipping Agent is blank in the Sales Shipment Header, it will not apear in the report. Is it possible the Shipping Agent is not being filled in? Try taking Shipping Agent out temporarily and see if you get some results.