Shiping one of items from Sales Order with prepayment


we have a situation that in a Sales Order there are several items, from which 2 of them are with 100% discount. All the items wil lbe paid in Advance, so an Advance letter is created (The Compress Prepayment value is blank in Sales Order). Our customer is making a partial payment, but he is taking only one of these two free items for now.

Can’t manage to make a shipment of this item in Navision. If I try Post - I get an error that There are nonposted prepayment amounts on that Order. If I try to make a Warehouse shipment, I get an error, that Order must be released.

In the Advance Letter these item lines with zero amount doesn’t show of course. Also in Sales Order lines for these items, in columns Prepmt. line amount and Prepmt.amount to deduct is 0.00.

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Tried to recreate the case, but failed at the Whse step, my environment differs too much. Besides, I suppose you use LV localisation, which I do not have just now, and we had Prepayment functionality already in v4 LV localisation, as you may recall [;)]

The case is very specific and complicated (prepayment + discount + partial shipment), but solution might be useful to other members. As my moderator’s duties among other things include taking care of no post to vanish unanswered - have you found the answer / workaround yourself?

If so, padalies ar biedriem :slight_smile:

(=approx post it here in Latvian, this is English forum but I still dared to write a couple of words non-EN, as Kaspars is the first my fellow Latvian I have ever seen on DUG)


we still haven’t found a proper solution for this. As you said this is a specific case, so the priority for this solution was low.

Haven’t forgoten about this thread, and once I get to a solution or a workaround, I’ll post it here.

Happy New Year everyone!! Thanks for all the advices :slight_smile: