Ship-to Address

Hi, I am having trouble creating reports where the sales need to be displayed by where units are shipped to. I have linked the sales ship-to address through the sales shipment header table, through sales shipment line, this table includes sales figures, but does this include credits? Any help much appreciated.

Hi Credits will create return receipts, if you are using returns, if it is a straight credit memo then no, it will create a posted credit memo (but you can set it to create a return receitp record in the setup). Post you “requirement” in the developer forum stating the information you want to get out. I would guess your starting point is wrong, you need to get the information from the correct table, then bring in the other information, like grouping by the ship-to code, with this. It is all down to the foundations of the report, to ensure you get all of the information out.

Hi, The best solution may be to derive your report from item ledger entry. As it stores all sales ( inovices, credits and returns) and using the +ve/ -ve qty or no series you can tell whether its an invoice or return order. And from the document number you can retrieve the shipping address. :slight_smile:

Create a report with 2 data items, 1st DataItem (SalesShipmentHeader) group by Ship-to Code, make sure your key is used for this, if not create one. 2nd DataItem (SalesShipmentLine) indent it, link to 1st data item with fields; Line - Header Document No. - No. Next create the proper sections Header, Group Header (SalesShipmentHeader), Group Footer, Footer etc.

As mentioned above, (and I will just reitterate), you need to start again. The report needs to be based on Item Ledger Entries. Design a new report around this table (32) and it will be much easier. (and of course faster than using document tables).