Shifting Navision Native Datbase to Sql Database


My client want to shift from Navision Native Database to Sql Database.

what are the possible ways to have zero error (like of date format & performance wise)

Is there any proper document for this to follow.



For the dates, look at the upgrade toolkit. There is a dateconversion tool and a description.

There is just no way to have zero error, performance wise, SQL reacts very different to things like indexes as NAV. Have a look at the webcasts by Hynek Muhlbacher of SQL Perform. You can download them at

After you understand how SQL works, you can setup a testenvironment and run a benchmark. With these results you can fine-tune your database. But you’ll never know how users will affect your system, especialy with filtering.

Good luck.

Dear Marq

Thanks for your response

so that means you suggest that i follow these steps

  1. backup of database from native DB

  2. New database creation thru sql option.

3.restoring backup in this new db.

  1. if dates problem occur then run that download fob.

what you suggest please advise.? Is there any other safe methos



No this is wrong.

Step one is you need to analyze you current Navision native database for field errors. To do this, use the migrate.fob object that is on the tool kit. Once you have all the errors (mainly dates) resolved, then you can create the backup, and restore to a SQL database.

But creating a SQL database like this, is just the first small step to converting your customer to SQL. Now follows the steps of building the hardware, and then optimizing the Database to work correctly on SQL.

If this is just for your learning and training, then this is fine. BUT if this is preparation for a live implementation, then you need to think much further into the future.If you are a Navision partner, and planning to do more SQL conversions, then I would recommend attending the SQL perform tools training class where you will gain valuable information that will pay for it self many times over.

If you are an end user, and this is a one off, then I would recommend getting in a SQL expert, through either SQL Sunrise ( or through SQL Perform (

For some more information about this, take a look at my Blog entry :

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