SHELL Troubles

I’m trying to run an exe file through navision. This works perfectly when running my local Navision program (SQL) but fails when running it over our citrix system. The path to the file is correct as I test this with EXISTS. Following code : IF EXISTS(’\\c$\wordpad.exe’) THEN BEGIN MESSAGE (‘exists’); SHELL(’\\c$\wordpad.exe’); END ELSE MESSAGE(‘No Good Omen’) Returns as error : The operating system cannot gain access to the file V:\wordpad.exe. Please check that the file type and attributes are correct. The code passes through ok as EXISTS returns true… What permission do I need to change where ? All help welcome

Do you have the permission to open a file on the server?

arnout, please try the following: SHELL(‘’,’/c’,’\\c$\wordpad.exe’);

In NT/2000/XP that would be SHELL(‘’,’/c’,’\\c$\wordpad.exe’); but I don’t think that will work. Paul Baxter

The SHELL(‘’,’/c’,’\\c$\wordpad.exe’); gives the same error, stating it hasn’t access to Question remains here is, I think, on what level do I have to check the permissions ? Navision is started on the client, by using the Citrix program. Now, is it Citrix I should pay attention to or the server on which the Navision appliciation is started ? (ergo, user logon permissions) ? Any help appreciated.

It is the permissions that you are running as on the citrix server. Try doing the same thing from the command prompt on the citrix server. Paul Baxter

Hey Arnout, if you are only interested in opening winword, you could create a dummy document (“dummy.doc” or something else) in a directory everybody can access. Then insert the code “HYPERLINK(<Directory, everybody can access> + ‘\Dummy.doc’);” (i.e. HYPERLINK(‘V:\dummyfolder\dummy.doc’)) navision automatically starts winword and opens the dummy document (which can be a plain sheet). Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst