Sheduling backups(HotCopy) in Attain?

Does anyone have more info about the HotCopy.exe backupfunction in Attain, how to use it, general info? Thanks!

You should read - PDF File Installation and System Management : Navision Server Chapter 5. - Making Backups 5.6 Server Based Backup Using HotCopy… Louis

Just remeber that You have to remove the previous backup files in You’re batchfile since hotcopy doesn’t overwrite them althogh it says so in the manual. //Lars

Hi Lars, You mean that if hotcopy makes a backup in a destination directory the second time it will not be able to make it in the same directory? Regards Kalman

Yes. I ran into this problem, so I had to make a batchfile like this: del dest.folder*.fdb /q hotcopy.exe source=descriptionfile //Lars

Thanks for your answers! So the sheduling part is something that you have to take care of your self, for exampel with the “At” command in NT? /Johansson

Yes. Make sure You have the Schedule Service running. Then open a DOS-box and type somthing like this: AT 09:00 /EVERY:M,Tu,W,Th,F hotcopy09.bat (the abbrivation for weekdays varies with the language of You’re NT-system) //Lars

It works fine for me without deleting the existing ones. Kalman

Thanks for your responses! /Johansson

Does anyone recommend third-party scheduled backup software on top of hotcopy ?

Such as?

There is an NSC called ExpandIT, which developed an Automated BackUp scheduler, A trial version was there in the Download Section, check it out at Vishal


keepITsafe is an excellent solution for automating Navision backups. Backups are automatically transferred off-site and can be downloaded to any computer world wide. website: