Sharing Tables (Virtual Company)


I want to use Inventory Items in a Virtual Company. Can anyone tell me how to share the tables that are used on the InventTable form.

I want to share the following tables:




Can anyone help me out in explaining what are the steps involved in it?

Thanks in advance!




If you want to share the data:

Create Virtual Company.

Add some Company account into the virtual company

Add some Table Group in (you may have to create a new table group contains InventTable, InventTableModule, InventItemLocation)

Then your data will be shared through this companies.

Something you should remember:

  • You have to consider sharing the master files of Item (Item Group, Model Group,…) also → it may cause some problems on the set up structure.

  • If you already have some Item Data, then you have to change the value DataAreaId to the VirtualCompanyAccount afterwards.

Hope this help

Thank you very much.