Sharing Power BI dashboards

Hi All,

I am working in AX 7 and want to understand how the power BI works.

In my dynamics Ax Retail store management workspace I configure Retail Dashboard which are publicly available in content pack library with my login.

when another user is login to same dynamics ax with his login id, He is not able to see my configuration of power BI to retail store management workspace.

In i created the application and given all delegate permission.

Is there any role or privilege i missed anywhere or it’s Power BI feature itself that only one user can see his dashboard ?



This isn’t related to Dynamics AX, therefore you should use forums and documentation about Power BI.

Anyway, you’ll find answer in Power BI documentation: Share a dashboard with colleagues and others.

Hey Martin,

I’d agree that this isn’t specifically related to AX, but Power BI (especially in AX 7) is basically being included as part of the standard product. We as AX consultants are likely going to be come more familiar with dealing with Power BI and a lot of other pieces, as well.


You should be able to share the dashboard. There should either be a share button in the report toolbar, or if you right click on the dashboard in your workspace, you should see a share option there, as well.

I must disagree. It’s not a part of Dynamics AX, it’s a separate product communicating with Dynamics AX, with its own documentation etc. The same applies to Azure SQL, Office 365 etc.

It’s important to understand the distinction, so people know where to look for answers. AX documentation covers only the integration piece, it has no desire to duplicate documentation of other products. The same approach makes sense in here as well, in my opinion.

It’s great that “[you] as AX consultants are likely going to be come more familiar with dealing with Power BI” - Power BI forums, documentation and books will help you with that.

Moderators often suggest people to ask in another forum, if their question is about a different topic (e.g. SQL, WCF, SharePoint administration etc.), regardless that they need it for an AX implementation. If you need an advice, you have a better chance in a forum dedicated to the topic (WCF, Power BI…) rather than in a forum about something else (such as Dynamics AX).

Hi Martin and Jake,

Interesting debate. And you are both right. But it actually goes a little together with the discussion we had in the moderators lounge. Are the forums “topic specific” or “user type specific”? Traditionally then we would either have moved the post to the “Technical Forum”, or as you did Martin, refer to a different forum.

In the case as PowerBi, then this little “tool” is becoming increasingly important when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics, and I think that we soon will start to think of PowerBi, just as we think of Outlook Integration. A natural part in any Dynamics project (no matter if we talk AX, NAV, CRM or 365).
Maybe it is the right time to get our own forum/group specifically for Dynamics PowerBi users? And I know that you [mention:41070ff665ff4373b482535f7550659b:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] is quite an expert on this already, so maybe you want to moderate it? [;)]

But what do you think?

And [mention:019ad2b01f47490b9855b18bd5147cf2:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05], sorry for “hi-jacking” your question…

Maybe it’s just me, but I would expect more Power BI experts in Power BI forum, so I would ask there, rather than in a forum about Dynamics. Here I would ask about things related to integration of Power BI in Dynamics AX, but not questions that have nothing to do with AX. Asking in a forum about different topic decreases my chances to get a solution, so I rather go TFS forum to talk about TFS, to a Powershell forum to talk about Powershell etc.

I’m all right if we say that we accept such discussion here, but still doesn’t look like the optimal strategy for those looking for answers.

That’s exactly what I would do too. Go to a specialist PowerBi forum. But you and I are geeks! [:)] We know our way around the web and all the different forums. But we are not the typical DUG users.

A typical users only visits a few websites and trend to ask where they feel more comfortable doing it. I guess if you are a PowerBi novice, then asking in a forum stuffed with Experts can be a bit too much for some. Then better ask in a forum where everybody else are also just Dynamics users. [:)]

But still there would be cases where it’s better to refer to a different forum. Just as if someone had a problem with SQL Server (asked in the technical forum) nobody here knew the answer to.

Yeah, very interesting topic.

Martin, I certainly see what you’re saying. I actually looked for a place to move this before I commented, but I thought this place was as good as any.

I also like the suggestion of taking a look at another forum (I’m quite partial to myself.) My opinion, though, is that it’s still okay to answer / ask this here, as well.