Sharing Partner License

Hi all,

I was wondering about the Dynamics partner scheme.

The situation is our company is a subsidiary company of the Head Quarter (in Japan). We (the subsidiary company) have several Dynamics projects and we are collaborating with local dynamics partner since we don’t have any partner license and the human resources.

Now, we want to slowly clear the dependency with local dynamics partner so we could do all the project on our own. I know that we need to be a partner to do the dynamics related product project and there are several requirements to be dynamics partner such as having a certified human resource, recommendation from customer, etc.

To achieve the requirement, we’re planning to ask our HQ to share AX VM for us to be downloaded and use our HQ partner license for employee training (hands-on training) and later take a certification.

Does Microsoft restrict such action? FYI, We will not use it for any project. It’s only for training purpose.

Thank you