Sharing a table among multiple companies

I have created a simple table States (US State Code - US State Name, lk TX Texas) and would like to share this table with all our 165 companies. How difficult is it? I’ve search the conference and did not see any specifics. Does the table numbering matter in this case? Thank you.

So long as it is a table that you created, and not a standard Navision table, just select NO in the DataPerCompany property. THe only thing t obe aware of, is that this data will not be stored in a normal backup. It will be in the “Common Data” option, and you will not be able to (easily) restore it into an existing database.

For backup and restore of just the States-Table a Dataport should be used!

Dataport may not be necessary. There is an option “Data common to all companies” during the backup process. I guess this takes care of such tables( like the users table and permissions table).

Thank you gentlemen! The table is live and works fine!