Shared tables in ax 2012


Is there a way to remove the sharing of data in the tables in ax 2012, for example consider worker form, i don’t want the workers of a company be visible in some other company…i want the workers of a company to be visible in that particular company itself and in no other company. Is it possible if yes then how?

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If you want to follow the “AX2012 way”, you should accept that workers are shared resources that may have relation to one or more companies through employment. You might use Extensible Data Security Policies to restrict access to some data based on legal entity.

If you want to change workers to be company specific, you can, but its up to you to analyze the impact to the rest of AX.

Hi Vyas,

If we go in technical way, then in that particular table we need to change the property as savedatapercompany as “yes”. But in that case there is chance of loss of existing data.

Before making this change,you need to check it whether its not bottleneck for other functionality.

Thank you JT but how do i check whether it is a bottleneck for other functionality or not?



As Martin mentioned I would not change the default behaviour of this table and would look at alternative solutions for your requirement.

But if you decide to proceed with changing the table property, then the overall solution should be tested end to end thoroughly. But even then this could not guarantee a working solution as the fundamental business requirement may change in future.