Several related number series for an item

Hi, On Attain 3.01B, the Customer card has an assist button to choose from several related number series that can be set up for customer numbers. I have worked out how to do this from the Attain Help. I want to provide this facility for the Item card. I can set the number series up, but the No. field on the Item card does not have an assist button. What do I do to make the assist button appear on the No. field? Thanks, Andy

Just setup the series nos. for the item. The item card is also having the assist button on the item no. (unless somebody modified it on your database). (The code that makes it work is on the own item card, as trigger onAssistEdit on the Item No. textbox).

Hi Andy, You said that the Assist Edit Button is not on the item card? I see it in my 3.01A demo database, so maybe it has been removed… Please make sure that the TextBox property AssistEdit is set to ‘Yes’ Also in the OnAssistEdit Trigger (Textbox for “No.”), you’re suppose to find the following code: IF AssistEdit THEN CurrForm.UPDATE;

Thanks a lot - that’s fixed it. The problem was that our Item card has been amended so that the field you enter is not the key to the Item table. It is split into 2 - item no. and revision (concatenated together gives you the key “No.”). With your help, I’ve put the AssistEdit back in. Andy