Setup Time, Run Time in Production Orders

NAV 2013 (Manufacturing)


I understand that Set Up time and Run Time in Routings are related to Item Lot Size.

However, it does not make any sense to me that this should also apply to Production Order Routing, since the production order quantity is the important value here and this is not necessarily the same as the Lot size.

I would have expected (and preferred) it if the Setup time was a one off time and the Run time was either per item or per order quantity, but not per Lot size.

I wish to update these times on the firm planned and released production orders directly from the (3rd party) Preactor scheduler (after the Preactor user has scheduled the order), but Preactor (sensibly) stores the times per item and per production order quantity.

So, if Preactor says op 30 has a setup time of 30 mins and a run time of (10 mins per item x 5 items = 50 minutes), but my Item.LotSize is 7, what do I put in my NAV Setup and Run times for op 30 ?

I would really appreciate a helpful answer to this one.

Thanks and Happy Christmas to all

from Dave K.