setup process qty at Route by Operation and Workcenter


I setup a workcenter group “Laser” and having 3 work center “LC1”, “LC2” and “LC3”.

All the three work center having 3 different capacity, meaning different process qty per hour.

Let say LC1 = 200, LC2 = 150 and LC3 = 100.

I have 1 item and i setup the Route as below:

Opr No Operation Workcenter Process qty

10 Cutting Laser 200


  1. Why AX not allow us to setup for 1 item for the same operation, 3 different ProcessQty by machine.

I only allow to setup 1 Operation for 1 item and 1 workcenter - Processqty.

  1. When run MRP for job scheduling, AX will check the workcenter capacity for Laser group. If only LC2 have available capacity, which process qty Ax will use? 200 or 150?

Kindly advice. thanks.

You are defining the group not the work centre on the line and therefore it is different. You could define the work centre but then you will have a capacity issue with step 2 because it would only look at the work centre defined. The group is to group similar resources, if yours can handle different process quantities in the same group you will have an issue unless you define the work centre on the line, but then you will have capacity issues. Have you tried looking at defining each machine by capacity rather than a time based setup?

Hi Adam,

Can you further explain what is the definition for formula in the Route setting.

There are Standard, Capacity, Batch, Work center batch.


Standard will look at the times set on the operation.

Capacity will look at the capacity of the work centre, so you do not define times, it knows the work centre can do 200 an hour, you are making 400 so it needs 2 hours.

The batch and work centre batch I guess look at the batch defined on the work centre or work centre group. The differnece and the processing I am not sure, they are new to AX2009 and are ignored in all help and manuals, so you would need to test and investigate.