Setup Openning Balance

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I have a question about AX 4.0: A company that use Axapta 4.0 in the first ( the first period) , so how do we setup Openning Balance? I read document of Axapta. I don’t find any function so setup Openning balance. Does AX 4.0 has alowed to import Openning Balance in the first period?

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You create a general journal and post it, assuming you are talking about ledger balances. If you are referring to debtor and creditors the same applies.

You can manually create these, or write definition groups (be careful on validation) or scripts can be written, it depends upon volume, structure, time, cost and skill level.

There is no button that says take my opening balances in whatever format I have and create a system starting point for me [:D]

Hi AdamRoue,

Thanks your answer. Pls, can you explain detail it? EX: I want to setup balance accounts:

  1. Cash on hand → How do you setup Openning Balance in AX 4.0?

  2. Accounts Payable → How do you setup Openning Balance in AX 4.0?

  3. Tangible fixed assets → How do you setup Openning Balance in AX 4.0?

  4. Item Inventory : Quantity, amount, account inventory.–> How do you setup Openning Balance in AX 4.0?

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You post the bank entries, the AP opening balances, the FA opening balances through the general journal. How you get this data into there depends upon the details.

With the opening inventory you can enter this as a Profit and Loss or Movement journal whichever is your preference.

The posting of the journals will give you your opening balances.

I suggest you start to create them - but you obviously need to understand how the journals work to do this! Do you?

Hi AdamRoue,

Thank your answer. I have other question for you! EX: I want to setup Openning Balance on January 2009:

Cash on hand: 3000 USD. If I enter “General journal” function in General Ledger module, I will enter some data in fields.

  1. Column " Date": I enter 12/31/2008

  2. Column " Account type" : select General Ledger

  3. Column " Account" : select Cash On Hand

  4. Column " Debit": 3000

  5. Column " Offset account" : I must select which account? I don’t know select which account because I am setting Openning Balance. Do you advise for me?

and If we creat a transaction when setup Openning Balance, my opinion will be wrong. Pls, can you explain this quetion for me? and I setup data so right?

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The answer depends upon your approach. Here you are entering a GL account, this is not going into the bank, and this is therefore not an opening bank entry. You are creating an opening ledger position. In this instance the balance sheet will balance, so you can have an offset account which is set to the opening balance take-on - this, when you post your opening entries, will be zero because the balance sheet balances - if it does not you have done it incorrectly. [:D]

If however you were brining on transactions, lets say the opening AR position, your account type would be Customer, and the Account the customer account. This will post to the posting accounts configured, but your offset is still the opening balance entry account. Then when you get to entering the trial balance instead of posting the debtor figure to debtors you post it to the opening balance account. The reason for this is because the details have already given you your debtors position, and by posting the figure to the offset it balances out the offset entry.

Can I presume this is your first migration take on? Are you an end user or a partner? I ask because if you are an end user the accountant in teh business may have done this before, so they can explain teh concept to you, if you are a partner, get someone there to explain it to you and the concept of a balance sheet. You cannot look at one entry in isolation, ultimately you are bringing on the cash, this is already in the TB and when they bring these figures in as you have already done so they convert it to the offset account to negate it. Same with AP, AR, Inventory etc.

Hi guys,

May I have some questions in this issue?

If I user General Journal to import the openning balance of fixed asset how can I control the information of Asset acquisition, Depreciation and Net book value? I saw in General Journal there is no field to enter these informations. Please give me an advice.Thank you.

The first thing is you cannot directly post the netbookvalue…(It is a calculation)

I think you need to use a FixedAssets journal to post the aquisition and depreciation transactions…

Run it in as a general journal with AccountType=Fixed Assets and AssetTransType = Acquisition

Hi ,

Can you guide me best way to post the Deprreciation for Opening balance either single amount till date or Month wise ? ( I know it is dependent up on the client , but i would like to know the pioneers experience and suggestions)

Another approach is to first post your trail balance in form of a journal as at the end of the previous financial year . i.e. 31st Dec 2011.

in this case, no direct offset account. (see below example) Definitely your trial balance will balance. this sits as your balances in the various accounts

Date Voucher Account type Account Transaction text Debit Credit Offset account type Offset account
31/12/2011 00131_DAY Ledger 130100 Balance as at 31st Dec. 5000 Ledger
31/12/2011 00132_DAY Ledger 401170 Balance as at 31st Dec. 5000 Ledger
31/12/2011 00133_DAY Ledger 605500 Balance as at 31st Dec. 12000 Ledger
31/12/2011 00134_DAY Ledger 110180 Balance as at 31st Dec. 8000 Ledger
31/12/2011 00135_DAY Ledger 110191 Balance as at 31st Dec. 40000 Ledger

After this you post a schedule for your balance sheet items. For example in the above account 130100 is the account receivable control account and is a balance sheet item.

You create another Journal to post all your receivables schedule by debitting the customers by 5000 with the offset as account 130100. See below example

Date Voucher Account type Account Transaction text Debit Credit Offset account type Offset account
31/12/2011 00136_DAY Customer 4002 Schedule as at 31st Dec 3000 Ledger 130100
31/12/2011 00137_DAY Customer 4006 Schedule as at 31st Dec 2000 Ledger 130100

Do this for Your Fixed Assets, stocks, Banks, Customers and Vendors using their control accounts in the chart of accounts as offset for the schedules.

After the postings, run a closing as at the end of the previous financial year to trasnsfer your balances into the new year

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks dare for your explanation and Really your example helped me alot .

I have one doubt , after posting the opening entries what are all the batch jobs i need to run to transfer the balances ?

Can you explain about the above statement ?

By run a closing, i mean run Opening transactions.

General Ledger /periodic / Fiscal Year Close /Opening transactions.

This transfers your closing balance to the Opening balance of the new Year automatically and that is all you need to do to transfer balances