Setup Manufaturing


I get some problem in manufaturing Dynamic Nav.

I have scenario manufaturing for setup plant area in more than 2 location, for example i want to setup 3 location plant, every plant have different work calendar and working time, :

Location 1 : working from monday to friday at 08.00AM - 04.00 PM (Normal Shift) and have 3 Machine/work center

Location 2: working from monday to friday at 08.00AM - 11.00 PM (long shift) and have 2 machine/work center

Location 3 : working from monday to saturday at 08.00AM - 04.00 PM (normal shift + 1 additional day) and have 5 machine/work center

The problem is as far as i know navision must assign the routing to item card, 1 item card only have 1 routing. end avery refresing the document in production order form, the scheduling always use the routing which assigning in item master card. because of this setup so I must change the routing in the item card when producing in other location which have same work center with different capacities.

Do you have suggestion for manufaturing setup for this scenario. wether a problem if I change the routing manually in the production order form (plan or firm or released POR), without klik refresh button.