Setup for gate entry management

Kindly provide the setups required to enable the gate management in ax 2012 r3 CU9 version.


Kiran Rajpal

Hi Kiran,

See this Documentation, hope this may helps you.


Thank you for your reply. But I am not able to find in the Inventory and warehouse management parameters form, in the Gate management field group, select the Enable gate management check box.


Are you checking in a legal entity related to India? (as they are country specific requirements and will be available to only in the related countries)

Yes, I am checking this for India. But in the inventory management the gate management is not available.


Hope you don’t have any security related issues. if so,
The form might have been customized and may not have been properly merged after the update.
This also could be a reason, please check with the developer.

I am checking in the R3 demo system. It is the standard system we are using for the testing purpose. The user through which i am logged in is the admin user with the system admin rights.


So are you using INMF legal entity? If so, you should be able to see the parameter.
Try by clearing the usage data.

It is still not working.


I would suggest having a developer to investigate.