Setup for an Inventoried Type of Fixed Asset

I would like to know how can I configure a setup on Fixed Assets where each unique asset could be inventoried. The reason behind this is to track all of the assets serial numbers and the location and person responsible for the item. another reason is to narrow down the FA database for each unique fixed asset.

For instance, I have 25 Mobile A handsets with serial number and I want to create a record in FA as shown below:

  • MOB-0001 - Mobile A qty 25
  • 10 Serials are issued to Location A
  • 15 Serials are unissued

I already checked the setup Property Type of Continuing Property but it didn’t do anything.

Unfortunately, in AX, Inventory and Fixed assets don’t go side by side. Inventory aspects like item tracking are not available on Fixed assets. FA does has serial number field, but that’s a text field, not related to tracking.

Have you checked lending feature of fixed assets? In that, you can lend assets to employees.


Hi Pranav,

I also found some similar cases and it doesn’t really works that way. Yes I am looking forward to use the lend function as a work around but needs some customization to address the serial tracking with cost and amount attachment.