Setup Discount for product, depending on customer, but invoiced to a partner

I have been looking around but cant seem to find a solution as to handling this scenario.

Our invoice system in NAV gets invoice lines from an XML document which contains customer specific prices for the product, but depending on the product selected and the customer, the invoicepartner to this customer needs a specific discount. The partner can have more customers with the same product, but need different discounts depending on the customer.

Lets say partner A has customers 1 & 2, that buy product X

Invoice 1, Partner A, Customer 1 and product X

product X is set at 100 EUR, partner A gets 20% discount when its customer 1 and buys product X

Invoice 2, Partner A, Customer 2 and product x

again product x is set at 200 EUR, partner A gets 30% discount, when its customer 2 that buys product x

Any input as to setup of this discount structure in NAV?

Hi Martin,

I would use Customer Price and Discount Group codes per partner and then assign them to the customers.