setup could not connect to the database server

Good day,
I am very new with AX 2012. I create a service Active Directory Service account “daxservice”for AX 2012 and SQL servers. I install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 with SP1 on a separate server and trying to install Database, AOS, Client Components, debugger and Management utilities on another server but when I select the database server name and hit next button, it’s give me an error setup could not connect to the database server.
I already assign dbcreater, processadmin, serveradmin, and setupadmin right to the daxservice under SQL Management studio.

Hi Imtiaz,

You have to install AX database on SQL server(the first server).

In your post you mentioned that you installed SQL server in one machine and trying to install AX database and other components on another machine.

Some of the additional possible are;

  • You are not including the SQL Server instance name. E.g. SOMEMACHINE\PRIMARYSQLINSTANCE
  • You are trying to install AX from a network share (there is a problem with the install if you do this when it tries to restore a baseline database)
  • Firewall is unlikely but if you’re wondering it is using port 1433 most likely
  • DNS issues (try to ping the SQL Server)
  • SQL Server is set to use non-routable protocols (e.g. TCP is not enabled)