setup category & setup time


I would like to know the standard functionality of setup category and setup time in AX…

on what basis i have to take setup category cost and time… and there are 3 profit % in AX2009 at what time we have to consider those 3profit%…

can any one give solution with “example”

You define the costs with each category activated in a pricing version. The profit is not as relevant but each calculation group has a profit percentage defined that can be set on teh calculation and this differs on teh roll up of each selling price. So you would have 3% on this for the calculation to get a suggested selling price you could transfer to the item/sales order.


Adam thanks for reply.

and one more thing .? i gave route net work for one BOM [it has sub BOM’s]…now can is see the illustrate structure of that route net work. is there any option in AX 2009.

Viewing from what perspective? Press the route button on the item, you can see it in the item calculation, you can see it in the BOM designer, you can see it on any production order or in the Ganntt diagrams, etc.