Setup a work flow For Sales Quote With Contact (Not a Customer)

I need some help,
My client requested for creating a sales quote with contact.
I’m facing a problem with Approval process in sales quote,
After approval, the status of the document hasn’t changed to released, it’s still Pending Approval and no approval entry (454) exists.
I have created a workflow using the standard templates for sales document (zero modification).

I’m working on NAV 2017 RU 9.

Can someone help me?

Thanks .

Try downloading a never version (Fastest way is to use docker) and see if you have the same issue with a normal customer and with a contact. If NOT… then you have to debug some code to find out what the object differences are and implement that in the customer base (or upgrade the customer to latest version).

Using an approval process in a qoute in a a case where the “customer” is not really a “customer” - in most cases makes no sense because its only a quoute.