Setup a Tool Crib in AX

I’m trying to setup a Tool Crib in AX. I want to have the tools checked out for a job and when the job is complete I want the tools to go back to the tool crib. The reason I want to have it in AX is because I need to:

  1. Purchase tools with PO’s
  2. Track what Jobs the tools are on
  3. Know how many of a given tool is in the tool crib
  4. Understand the demand so I can order more tools if necessary for concurrent needs
  5. Tools are often reused but at times need to be replaced so I will need to scrap them.
  6. Want the tools returned to the tool crib when a job completes.

Does anyone know if this is possible in AX? If I make a tool part of the BOM it is consumed, which is not what I want. If I make it an operation I can understand the demand but can’t track quantities on-hand.

Thanks, Jerry

This functionality is not possible with standard AX.