Settlement of Pre-Payment For Particular Vendor Invoice Payment

Greetings All

I’ve got One Doubt. i.e I’ve Two Posting Profiles One is For All Vendors and Second One is Prepayments to All vendors… Lets Say an Example If I paid Rs1000 to The Vendor as Pre-Payment… Later I was Raised Po Which is the worth of Rs.2000 to The same Vendor Whom I paid Pre payment. How Could I go for Clear This Transaction?

What I’m trying to Say is We’ve already Paid Rs.1000 Pre-Payment. Later Po Raised Which is the Worth of Rs.2000… How Would i do the Payment now? Final Result Should Come Like this.

Prepayment : 1000

Later Po Worth : 2000

Still I’ve to Pay Rs 1000 to The Vendor.

As an End User How He Choose to Settle the Payment of An Invoice?

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