Setting up Work Center for Subcontractor

Hi all,

Here is our case about subcontracting, any suggestion on how to set up the work center card?

We usually send a list of items to the subcontractor, and the subcontractor charges us a total price (calculated by the total area of the items). It is not possible for us to count in pieces or in time measure.

  1. Do we need to have a separate Work centre group for all subcontractors?

  2. Using Unit Cost Calculation with Time or Units? (In our case, specific unit cost is activated)

  3. Should a Shop Calendar set up specially for the subcontractors?

Thanks in advance.


Actually you do not provide enought information to make suggestions…

  1. Work Center Group metter only for planning… Are you going to plan Subcontractor Capacity??? Are you going to have multiple subcontractors that can finish the same work? …

  2. How do they charge you? If they charge by hour - use time, if by unit - use unit

  3. If they work the same hours as you you do not need to… If you are not going to plan there capacity you do not need to.

  1. I am not sure if we should perform planning for subcontract capacity, but we would like to identify on the routing that specific operation is to be performed by the subcontractor. So we tried to set up work center for subcontractor. Yes, we do have multi vendors for same subcontracted work. 2. The charge would be in area, i.e. sq. meter, but what we send to subcontractor are counted in pieces instead of in sq. meter. So, we only get a total price for every time subcontract. Not by time / by unit. Many thanks.